Orthopedic and Therapeutic Massage

Kent Maynard L.M.T.
m5massageHeal your mind, body an spirit with Therapeutic Massage.  I specialize in  Orthopedic and Injury Repair Massage along with Structural Massage for optimal pain relief.

I believe no one should live with pain, and that pain is a physical response to a physical issue that is surfacing- and that it can be managed and treated with proper care. With 5 medical massage modalities well within my expertise, I  have a proven track record of taking people out of pain with few sessions especially for sciatic nerve pain.

More importantly, I help you avoid re-occurring pain by identifying repetitive patterns that initiated the stress and pain, and provide stretches and exercises to keep the pain from returning. I work with Physicians, Physical Therapists, Trainers, Neuro-Physiologists and Chiropractors to help speed recovery time regardless of accident or incident.
First licensed in 1992 in Seattle WA.

I have attended over 6 schools, have worked in 3 countries and 5 states and have many clients that can share their experience with you.

All joints will benefit from this highly detailed massage to bring greater flexibility and range  of motionbacklg

Structural Massage
Correction in posture and range of motion

Pre & Post Sport Event Massage
Optimize your performance and/or recovery

Cranial-Sacral Massage Therapy
Hormonal/Mood disorder treatment

Injury/Pain Relief Massage
Working with PCP, Chiropractors & Therapists

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